fasteners for plastic


SL is designed for rapid installation into thermoplastics using heat or ultrasonic. It features opposed helical knurl bands to provide a combination of high torque and pull out resistance.


SP has been designed to cope with the difficulties presented by hard brittle thermoset materials. The sharp precision knurl pattern cuts into these materials reducing radial stresses and allowing thinner boss walls than many other inserts. 37 degree knurl.


TEC features an unique combination of opposed knurls and knurled vanes providing increased performance levels, Installation is simplified by the symmetrical nature of the insert, eliminating the need for orientation during automated or hand feeding.​​​​​​​


Ideal for use in hard thermosetting plastic, Banc-loc are press-in expansion inserts which, due to their diamond knurl pattern, give minimum penetration of the sides of the hole without sacrificing pull-out resistance.


MTEC is a miniature insert with all the design features and characteristics of the Tech-Sonic range. It is ideal for smaller plastic products and enables the use of very small screws that will provide complete re-usability with no risk of thread stripping problems.


FL is a press-in insert, which can be easily installed into most thermoplastic materials. It features a combination of sharp fins and straight knurls. Unlike the Press-lok range, this insert has a free running thread.


HL is designed for installation into notch sensitive amorphous thermoplastics by heat. It features rounded knurls, avoiding the stress raising sharp crests and roots which typify knurls used on most inserts.


SCT range of fasteners have been designed to provide a hardened steel thread in the softer aluminum and zinc based die-castings, magnesium and thermosetting plastics. The external thread cuts into the parent material reducing radial stresses in the casting.


PLK offers ease of installation without the typical high screw installation torque and its plain and knurled vanes offer the levels of pull-out and torque resistance usually expected only of heat-installed inserts.


FTC is a blind ended threaded insert which has been introduced to meet the needs of those moulders who, for a variety of reasons, prefer to mouldin. The unique design of three opposed helical knurl bands combined with the included recesses give extremely high levels of performance in both pull-out and torque tests.


TRI-STEP™ is a unique three stepped threaded insert and mating hole combination, designed for heat or ultrasonic installation into thermoplastic materials. The design eliminates the risk of insert spring back after installation.


MOLD-FORM is a high strength, low cost, cold formed steel INSERT for PLASTIC, designed for molding-in, giving a cost saving of up to 50%. Simply located on a pin and closed off by the opposing tool faces, it gives a clean flash free installation. Six large splines provide exceptional direct torque resistance, the head and the opposing flared-end resist high axial forces.