Special fasteners

Miniature Self Clinching Fastener

PU, PFEX and PFEOX are designed to provide maximum security within a minimum size envelope. They employ the same clinching principle as the standards our standard range of self clinching fasteners, but require a much smaller space for installation. Miniature Self clinching fasteners can be supplied either free running or with controlled self-locking threads.

Floating Self clinching Fastener

PAS, PAC, PLAS and PLAC are fasteners designed to provide load-bearing threads in thin sheet materials. They are quickly and easily installed into punched or drilled holes with any standard press, giving a permanently locked fastener with a flush finish on one side of the sheet. A self-locking version is also available.

Self Clinching Blind Fastener

PB and PBS have been designs to provide permanent blind threads in thin sheet (from 1mm). Blind end prevents contamination from foreign bodies. Self-locating, they are easily installed into punched or drilled holes using any optimum installation. Ensure surfaces remain parallel for optimum installation. Available in steel or stainless steel. Optional finish – zinc plating on steel.

Self Clinching Keyhole Stand-off

PSKC fasteners are designed so that a PC board component can be quickly slipped into place and then removed by sliding the board side ways and lifting it off. 

Self Clinching Snap-top Stand-off

PSSA, PSSC and PSSS fasteners accurately space a metal panel or PC Board by simply snapping panel or board onto Stand-off.